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Phoebe is a composer of melodic ballady style music. She has been composing informally since the age of six and had a repertoire of several hundred songs and piano music before entering the School of Music, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, to major in composition.

Phoebe has performed for Christchurch City Council, United Nations, Gay-Pride, Women’s Festivals and conferences and Orientation Week at UCSA, to name but a few venues. She has appeared on TV on Night-line (TV3), Kaleidoscope (TV1), New Zealand, and Foreigners Sing Chinese Folk Song (BTV3), China. Sunday Star Times wrote a whole page about her in 1990 and she had a page written about her in Womanscript in their inaugural issue.


Welcome to Phoebe’s web-site. This site provides information about Phoebe, some photos and some music that you can listen to.

S. C. Phoebe Gray: Composer/singer/artist/pianist